Friday, November 26, 2010

BEAST YO SUB with DALMATIAN DRAMA Digital Single Teaser MV

Hmm I swear I already typed up this blog and thought it was posted already. But I guess it didn't. Don't know where it went :S So I'll just have to type it again.

The update from last night of DalBeast song on November 29th is actually YoDa song!! =D Man I really find it weird saying YoDa, I've always called it DanSeob. Oh well, Soulmate0115 is back baby!! Can't wait for it!!

BEAST always grants my wishes it's so cool (and kinda creepy) LOL!

I really can't wait for this!! I hope November 29th means November 28th midnight!! Kekeke!! Really wanna listen!!

And LOL at the man, he was surprised that Yoseob was the hyung xDD

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