Friday, November 26, 2010

BEAST hoodie

I'm pretty sure I got this next? Haha like I bought these things months ago so I don't really remember the order of the things anymore. This is a BEAST hoodie, unofficial of course.

I bought this when there was only a white one available. I think there's a black one now? Can't recall.

Picture is from back in the pre-debut days hehe. Even in the silhouette you can easily tell which one is which kekeke. The material is actually really nice and fluffy inside, keeps me really warm.

And you choose one of the six members' name at the back too.

Being a Yoseob bias, I bought the Yoseob one haha. But I also bought a Doojoon one for my friend that I showered with BEAST gifts, first thing I got her if I remember right.

I wore this hoodie often when it was cold, I usually wore it at home because I didn't want it getting dirty or anything hahah! But there are times where I just put the hoodie over my pyjamas if I needed to drive my brother to tutor or something like that and couldn't be bothered getting changed.

The weather is very warm now so I don't wear this anymore but I will when it gets colder again (:


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