Wednesday, November 24, 2010



So I currently have an Anime Blog - The Anime Diary that I've recently started up again since my HSC is over. Last night I decided to do a similar one, but with BEAST. So of course this blog will only have BEAST-related stuff. Will be like my thoughts on BEAST updates and the BEAST part of my life I guess. Hehe!

But I don't really know what to post first here. So I took photos of BEAST things I currently have and I will post one a day to get this blog rolling along. Then hopefully I will get some B2UTY-ful followers? =D

Although I love the support that my readers will give me, this is my blog and I will say what I want. You don't have to agree with my opinion, you just have to accept it.

Also be warned that I can't guarantee everything I post is accurate information about them, it could just be my opinion and/or assumption.

Oh and another warning. I am a fangirl, yes, I will try to tone it down a little to save you guys, but, no guarantee :P

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog!!


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