Sunday, November 28, 2010

BEAST fan balloon

Here's what's next on my posts on the things I currently have. I'm not sure this was the next thing I got, I really don't remember. LOL!

As you can see I blew one up and display in my room and I still have another one in case of emergencies :P I also got some for Lian for her 18th BEAST shower as well! It was actually more shiny at first but it got less and less shiny over the months and yeah, but still pretty cool and still blown up (:

They're pretty cool because personally I love balloons, like A LOT! They make me really really happy for some reason haha! And I love BEAST a lot more than I love balloons and they make me extremely happy. So logically BEAST fan balloon is like, major win right?

I actually blew this up after my exams because I did so bad in it ): But the balloon cheered me up soon enough! :P

To B2UTY that don't have a balloon yet I suggest you get one! It's like seriously the greatest balloon ever made hahaha! <33

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