Sunday, November 28, 2010

BEAST's "showcase"

Yesterday, BEAST arrived in Japan for their debut showcase.

Yeah they called it a "showcase". But all I think is "showcase my ass. This is like a freaking concert!" LOLOL!! Like seriously it was so hardcore.

Like seriously if this is what they called a showcase, can't WAIT for their BEAST Airline Concert next month. Like holy crap man LOLOL!!

They really went all out, they even had a lion and tiger to showcase their "beastly" image to the Japanese B2UTY!

But the lions didn't really do much, they just kinda laid there while our boys performed for the fans :P

They performed 9 songs. Oasis and Beautiful were the encore songs!!

But seriously Japanese B2UTY, if I didn't think you were super amazing enough yesterday, after seeing the pictures of the showcase, you were bloody out of this world!

Thank you Japanese B2UTY for making BEAST feel the love! And to show them that they are always loved and supporter no matter where they go! =D


  1. This blog is hardcore O_O
    I love the blue or pearl midnight watever colour scheme :L


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