Sunday, May 29, 2011

Junhyung/Hyunseung/Doojoon black/white star jumper

Do you B2UTY recognise this jumper? Keke! Junhyung wore it in the Beautiful MV. Hyunseung wore it to the airport once too. Doojoon wore it on the sitcom All My Love, except his colours were inverted, so white with black stars.

Yes. I have the same jumper as Junhyung, Hyunseung and Doojoon. Therefore I am dating them. LOLWUT.

Yeah, this jumper is pretty cheap compared to other clothes idols wear, but expensive for a jumper, to me. LOL! I'm so cheap with clothing, OMG xD

But yeah, I don't wear it often, I've only worn it out two or three times. It's a one-size fits all jumper. So on the boys it looked normal, but on me it looks over-sized, but I like it like that C:

I'm trying to make posts of other things I got before this jumper but the weather won't let me take nice pictures T___T


Saturday, May 28, 2011

BEAST phone strap

This is a fanmade phone strap that I bought, I actually bought three, two of the one you see above, and one "Yoon Doojoon" written in hangul. But they were for Lian C:

When I was looking at the images online, and even when I was looking at them in the packet, I thought it was made of rubber. But then when I opened it I was like "holy crap it's plastic?"

This is how it looks like on my phone C:

LOL LOL as you can see from the date written on the phone, I was meant to post about this a long time ago T___T

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates guys! I haven't even blogged about the new album or the Bad Girl MV/albums or anything, OMG T___T

But I'm in the middle of exams and I will be busy until July. However, I have many, many BEAST things right now that I wanna post about. I got BEAST haul recently. You can check out the new BEAST things I get via Twitter.

I usually post the things I get in order, but I have too many things right now that I don't really remember the order I got them anymore, plus most of them I got all at once LOL!

So yeah, just bare with me guys, I'll try to make a post every few days with something new, but don't expect much from me until Winter break in July ><

Friday, May 6, 2011

BEAST light sticks v2

Okay so these aren't actually v2, there are no v's, I'm just gonna use that to distinguish between the different ones I have LOL!

So if you've been keeping up with my blog, you'd know that I've got many things that I need to post about. But I'm not, why? Because I wanna post them in the order I get them, but there was a problem with the light stick so I never got around to it.

I haven't gotten a replacement one yet, but apparently it's been shipped. Lian already got the Doojoon one, can't be bothered waiting. So here is the Yoseob and the BEAST one that did arrive.

The Doojoon one is just like the Yoseob one but obviously with his name. They look a lot smaller than I though they would though.

I decided that I was gonna give this BEAST one to Lian and I'll just keep waiting for the next one. So that's why I haven't opened it. I opened the Yoseob one and it turns on the same way as other light sticks. And yeah.

So this was a quick and boring post, but yeah, I haven't posted much and didn't wanna leave this blog to die like before LOL! Although for the next two months, I will be pretty dead because of University but come July I will be free for a whole month :D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Remember Yang Yoseob?

LOL this isn't really an important post but I feel the need to blog this and it's my blog so blehs.

If you follow me on tumblr, you'd know that I've been getting into Infinite lately for no apparent reason even though I've watched their performances since ages ago. Though you might not know that Woohyun is my bias from Infinite. But yeah not a hardcore bias or anything.

Not back then at least LOL!

Here's part of a text conversation I had with Lian this morning xD

Yoseob's Wife: I spent the last hour looking at woohyun in my break. I was meant to do psychology omg LOL

Doojoon's Wife: LOLOL u still remember yang yoseob?? [irrelevant parts omitted]

Yoseob's Wife: OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOSEOB!!! LOL. Just woohyun is sort of yeah. New. Yoseob forever :3 [irrelevant parts omitted]

I WOULD NEVER FORGET YOSEOB!! I have my short phases where I look at other guys once a while, but Yoseob is my one and only!! ♥♥♥

You guys understand right?? You guys know that I will always love Yoseob right? And love BEAST the most and with all my pearl midnight blue heart right?? :3

Also, those are seriously the names that we have on our phones for each other's contact HAHAH. You like? LOL!