Friday, May 6, 2011

BEAST light sticks v2

Okay so these aren't actually v2, there are no v's, I'm just gonna use that to distinguish between the different ones I have LOL!

So if you've been keeping up with my blog, you'd know that I've got many things that I need to post about. But I'm not, why? Because I wanna post them in the order I get them, but there was a problem with the light stick so I never got around to it.

I haven't gotten a replacement one yet, but apparently it's been shipped. Lian already got the Doojoon one, can't be bothered waiting. So here is the Yoseob and the BEAST one that did arrive.

The Doojoon one is just like the Yoseob one but obviously with his name. They look a lot smaller than I though they would though.

I decided that I was gonna give this BEAST one to Lian and I'll just keep waiting for the next one. So that's why I haven't opened it. I opened the Yoseob one and it turns on the same way as other light sticks. And yeah.

So this was a quick and boring post, but yeah, I haven't posted much and didn't wanna leave this blog to die like before LOL! Although for the next two months, I will be pretty dead because of University but come July I will be free for a whole month :D


  1. May I ask where you bought these from specifically? :)

  2. Of course, I hope you see this.
    Here's where I got it from:
    I think. LOL!

  3. o: If you're going to the KPop Concert Festival next month, that with you^^

    At least that way you can show you're support^^

  4. Hahaha yes I'm going and yes I plan on it! But I'm bringing the official fan towel as well and I'm more concerned with showing that because that distinguishes me from everyone else ='D


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