Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Remember Yang Yoseob?

LOL this isn't really an important post but I feel the need to blog this and it's my blog so blehs.

If you follow me on tumblr, you'd know that I've been getting into Infinite lately for no apparent reason even though I've watched their performances since ages ago. Though you might not know that Woohyun is my bias from Infinite. But yeah not a hardcore bias or anything.

Not back then at least LOL!

Here's part of a text conversation I had with Lian this morning xD

Yoseob's Wife: I spent the last hour looking at woohyun in my break. I was meant to do psychology omg LOL

Doojoon's Wife: LOLOL u still remember yang yoseob?? [irrelevant parts omitted]

Yoseob's Wife: OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOSEOB!!! LOL. Just woohyun is sort of yeah. New. Yoseob forever :3 [irrelevant parts omitted]

I WOULD NEVER FORGET YOSEOB!! I have my short phases where I look at other guys once a while, but Yoseob is my one and only!! ♥♥♥

You guys understand right?? You guys know that I will always love Yoseob right? And love BEAST the most and with all my pearl midnight blue heart right?? :3

Also, those are seriously the names that we have on our phones for each other's contact HAHAH. You like? LOL!


  1. As long as you both don't take them away from the group, then it's fine =]Plus, no-one can take them from us B2UTIES^^

  2. Ahahah no one can take me away from Beast! ='D I'm forever a B2UTY even if I also like two other groups, I only call myself a B2UTY C: I'm only comfortable calling myself a B2UTY :P


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