Sunday, May 29, 2011

Junhyung/Hyunseung/Doojoon black/white star jumper

Do you B2UTY recognise this jumper? Keke! Junhyung wore it in the Beautiful MV. Hyunseung wore it to the airport once too. Doojoon wore it on the sitcom All My Love, except his colours were inverted, so white with black stars.

Yes. I have the same jumper as Junhyung, Hyunseung and Doojoon. Therefore I am dating them. LOLWUT.

Yeah, this jumper is pretty cheap compared to other clothes idols wear, but expensive for a jumper, to me. LOL! I'm so cheap with clothing, OMG xD

But yeah, I don't wear it often, I've only worn it out two or three times. It's a one-size fits all jumper. So on the boys it looked normal, but on me it looks over-sized, but I like it like that C:

I'm trying to make posts of other things I got before this jumper but the weather won't let me take nice pictures T___T



  1. OMG can you tell me where you got that from?

    1. You can buy it from
      Not sure it it's still in stock.

  2. Ummm sorry I don't remember anymore LOL :C

  3. I want to buy one too D:

  4. where can i buy it???
    i want it sooo bad XD

  5. i want it badly ... it wasnt on ebay

  6. try and remember where you get it pls....i saw one simlar to this but the collar is white not black><

  7. Mine just arrived in the mail today!


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