Saturday, May 28, 2011

BEAST phone strap

This is a fanmade phone strap that I bought, I actually bought three, two of the one you see above, and one "Yoon Doojoon" written in hangul. But they were for Lian C:

When I was looking at the images online, and even when I was looking at them in the packet, I thought it was made of rubber. But then when I opened it I was like "holy crap it's plastic?"

This is how it looks like on my phone C:

LOL LOL as you can see from the date written on the phone, I was meant to post about this a long time ago T___T

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates guys! I haven't even blogged about the new album or the Bad Girl MV/albums or anything, OMG T___T

But I'm in the middle of exams and I will be busy until July. However, I have many, many BEAST things right now that I wanna post about. I got BEAST haul recently. You can check out the new BEAST things I get via Twitter.

I usually post the things I get in order, but I have too many things right now that I don't really remember the order I got them anymore, plus most of them I got all at once LOL!

So yeah, just bare with me guys, I'll try to make a post every few days with something new, but don't expect much from me until Winter break in July ><


  1. wow ~ i like that BEAST phone strap much much , its cute lol :)

  2. How much and where can i order ?????

  3. LOL but Jeanny I'd imagine you'd rather have an FT Island or 2PM one? xD


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