Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yoseob ring

So I don't actually know why I didn't post this up sooner, I made a post about it on my personal blog though LOL!

Basically, my treehuggers secretly got together and got my a birthday present for my birthday last year of Yoseob and Sunggyu stuffs :3

When I was going to Lian's on Christmas Eve gathering last year, I stopped by my PO Box and saw that I got a package. Assuming it was something I ordered online, I left it in the car without thinking about it.

After I dropped off my friends home after the event and was on my way home, I saw it on the passenger seat and it said Leng Yang and I was like, wtf? And I was thinking what the crap I bought under that name LOL and was thinking maybe it was from a tumblr store or via email or something like that. But I couldn't think of anything at all. Then I saw it said costume jellewery on it and was wondering when the crap did I buy jewellery LOL so I spent the rest of the ride home trying to figure out what it was.

When I got home, I opened it right away and I was like HOLY CRAP ;A; and it was a yellow box and a letter.

It was from Zoe, Adelia, Vicky and Raoul. OMG those idiots. It was a late birthday present. They got me a ring like one that Yoseob's worn, two pairs of earrings like Sunggyu's and a Sunggyu keychain ah~

At the time, I actually planned on buying the ring and one of the pairs of earrings, but I was being cheap and whatnot while saving up for my Korea trip so said I could buy them later. I didn't even tell anyone I wanted those things OMG T___T

Of course the present isn't much, and they wouldn't have chipped in much each, but still, it made me really happy when I got it, and I hate them so much for it LOL

Not gonna talk about the Sunggyu stuffs on this blog since this post is about the ring.

I wear the ring on the thumb because it's the only finger that it fits LOL, it doesn't even fit my left thumb. Am I the only retard whose fingers aren't the same on either hands?

But the good thing is that Yoseob also wears it on his right thumb derp ='D

Although I've been losing weight to the ring slides off easier these days and I've actually almost lost it a few times, just last week I spent 20 minutes looking around the path I took from the train station to my car trying to find it.

At first, I tried to not get it wet because I didn't know if it would rust or not, I took it off whenever I washed my hands and when I showered, etc. and often left it on the sink in the public toilets and would run back manically for it LOL but after what almost 4 months and it hasn't rusted and it's gotten wet quite a few times, I think it will be fine hahaha

I really do love the ring, I keep it in one of my ring boxes from Prouds jewellers when I'm not wearing it.

I'm thinking about getting a necklace chain and wearing it around my neck if my thumb continues to shrink because I don't want to lose it T~~~T

Forever hating my treehuggers for it, will wear it well for the longest time ever :3

Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy 23rd Birthday Kikwang!


Today is our Kikwang's birthday! Wah he's getting pretty old now ne~ He's 23 in Korea!!

Wishing you a happy birthday Kikwangie~

Kikwang's 22nd birthday was the first birthday post ever on this blog! And now this will be his second! Kekeke live a long and healthy our precious Kikwang!! ♥

As always, more awesome pictures from the cafe for this birthday!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beast bracelet


Okay so this is a really old post. This is a bracelet that I got like almost two months ago from Media Asia. I was actually about to buy it online but then they ordered it shortly after I saw it so I decided to just wait for it and get it from them instead to save hassle of shipping and whatnot.

Anyways, unlike my Second Invasion necklace which I've worn since I got back from Korea, I stopped wearing this after about a week. Why?

Because it rusted.

Yeah, I'm a person who likes my jewellery but also very lazy with it. So when I wear it, I would wear it all the time. The only time I took this bracelet off was when I was showering or sleeping. It's not like I dumped it into water or anything to have it rust LOL I tried to have it avoid water as much as possible.

But it started rusting and I was like "wtf already?" and just stopped wearing it. So it just sits in my box with other random KPop merchandise.

I can't actually remember how much this cost, like $15 maybe? Something like that? A little less? I don't know, but yeah, I wouldn't recommend this bracelet to anyone.

But in saying that, Jeanny also has the bracelet and she still wears it and she says hers hasn't rusted? Mine hasn't rusted much, like the edges are rusting, it's not noticeable or anything. But if I had continued wearing it, then by now it would have completely rusted, without a doubt.

There's also a necklace of this, but I don't like necklaces where the pendant is like 5cm long LOL it looks weird. There are also other KPop groups.

This picture is really high quality awesome shit because it's from Jeanny's blog since I didn't take a picture of it before it rusted LOL

Trying to update this blog bit by bit with the small things until Easter break where I will have time to finish my proper posts like Beast Airline DVD, Beautiful Show merchandise and Special Selection of Beast photobook. I have so many posts saved in Drafts for this blog, seriously, I just start typing lots of things without pictures and then I never finish and just save them for later. But by now, it's too late to post them even if I finished them (like encore concert merchandise) so I just gave up and will probably not end up posting it LOL but I will really try to post all the new stuff up this time!

PS. Would you guys be interested if I did a giveaway for the 2012 Season's Greetings pack? Or is it too late and you all have it by now and don't really care for it? If no one responds then I won't do it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beautiful Show merchandise available at Media Asia Sydney


Okay so I know many people have been looking for the Beautiful Show merchandise. Of course it's available in many online stores by this stage and lots of countries involved with the tour also take orders.

But for any Sydney Syders that haven't gotten the merchandise because they can't buy online for whatever reason, Media Asia Sydney now has the items for sale! These are official concert merchandise so please don't go there thinking that they will be cheap, because that'd be your own fault!


The items only arrived this morning so the stock is pretty good right now but be quick since I don't know how long that'll last! As far as I know, they don't have the memo pads (but you will be fine without them, more on this once I post the merchandise on the blog) but they have pretty much everything else?

As well as Beautiful Show, there are also Welcome Back To Beast Airline encore concert merchandise. The mug, tumbler mug, bag and mousepad.

You can also visit their online store, spend over $45 and it'll be free shipping to anywhere in Australia ^^

Photos taken from Media Asia Facebook since I forgot to take pictures this afternoon myself derp.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sneak peek at Beautiful Show cape

Okay once again, sorry about not updating lately, uni has really been stressing me out and stuff!

This is just another picture of the Beautiful Show merchandise that I got, and haven't had the chance to post about yet T____T The Rose Light stick arrived too, I have everything except for the polaroids, which I seem to have forgotten to order with the rest so I ordered it and still waiting for it to arrive.

As you can see, the Beautiful Show cape is more like a poncho with a hoodie, and it has two pockets at the front that you can't see very well in the pictures above. Watch me wear it to uni one day as it gets colder LOL

Also, I hope that you guys have all heard Yoseob's collab with A Pink's Eunji! Loveday is a lovely song and their voices match so well, Eunji is my bias from A Pink btw hahaha my biases are perfect! To anyone entering the "Be My Partner" contest, good luck and hope you win the dinner with Yoseob/Eunji!! At times like these, I wish I could sing so I can at least enter AHAHAH oh I'm so jealous at whoever wins the dinner with Yoseob, even if it was dinner with Eunji, I would love to have dinner with her OTL

Anyways, I'll have to leave this post at that, I keep saying that I'll update but I don't, I'm a horrible person ): So many things to poster about ):

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lookie at what arrived~

Okay first off, I'm so sorry I stopped blogging again. I still have so many things that I haven't blogged about like all of Beast's Japanese albums (Shock, Bad Girl, SO BEAST) and the Welcome (BACK) to BEAST AIRLINE concert merchandises that I assume I will never get around to doing to be honest.

I also still haven't blogged about the Welcome to BEAST AIRLINE concert DVD yet, but I will hopefully get around to that soon. I also got a bracelet that I will be making a quick blog about soon.

But look what arrived today! Well it actually arrived at my friend's place ages ago, I just never went to get it from him LOL

It's the Beautiful Show merchandise, the light stick and cape aren't here because I ordered them from a different place and still waiting for them to arrive, or if they have, my other friend that it got sent to didn't tell me to pick them up LOL

I also ordered the 4minute slogan towel with all this but got the Hyuna one instead :S and since the package actually arrived a while ago and I just never went to my friend's place to pick it up, I'm not sure if I can exchange it x____x I guess there's no harm in having the Hyuna one, but I really wanted the 4minute one ><

Hopefully I'll be posting about these items soon! I started Uni this week and I already have lots of crap to study for, seobs I have a test in 2 weeks on the first 5 chapters of the textbook, holy crap. Last semester we did one chapter a week in class? T_____T