Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yoseob ring

So I don't actually know why I didn't post this up sooner, I made a post about it on my personal blog though LOL!

Basically, my treehuggers secretly got together and got my a birthday present for my birthday last year of Yoseob and Sunggyu stuffs :3

When I was going to Lian's on Christmas Eve gathering last year, I stopped by my PO Box and saw that I got a package. Assuming it was something I ordered online, I left it in the car without thinking about it.

After I dropped off my friends home after the event and was on my way home, I saw it on the passenger seat and it said Leng Yang and I was like, wtf? And I was thinking what the crap I bought under that name LOL and was thinking maybe it was from a tumblr store or via email or something like that. But I couldn't think of anything at all. Then I saw it said costume jellewery on it and was wondering when the crap did I buy jewellery LOL so I spent the rest of the ride home trying to figure out what it was.

When I got home, I opened it right away and I was like HOLY CRAP ;A; and it was a yellow box and a letter.

It was from Zoe, Adelia, Vicky and Raoul. OMG those idiots. It was a late birthday present. They got me a ring like one that Yoseob's worn, two pairs of earrings like Sunggyu's and a Sunggyu keychain ah~

At the time, I actually planned on buying the ring and one of the pairs of earrings, but I was being cheap and whatnot while saving up for my Korea trip so said I could buy them later. I didn't even tell anyone I wanted those things OMG T___T

Of course the present isn't much, and they wouldn't have chipped in much each, but still, it made me really happy when I got it, and I hate them so much for it LOL

Not gonna talk about the Sunggyu stuffs on this blog since this post is about the ring.

I wear the ring on the thumb because it's the only finger that it fits LOL, it doesn't even fit my left thumb. Am I the only retard whose fingers aren't the same on either hands?

But the good thing is that Yoseob also wears it on his right thumb derp ='D

Although I've been losing weight to the ring slides off easier these days and I've actually almost lost it a few times, just last week I spent 20 minutes looking around the path I took from the train station to my car trying to find it.

At first, I tried to not get it wet because I didn't know if it would rust or not, I took it off whenever I washed my hands and when I showered, etc. and often left it on the sink in the public toilets and would run back manically for it LOL but after what almost 4 months and it hasn't rusted and it's gotten wet quite a few times, I think it will be fine hahaha

I really do love the ring, I keep it in one of my ring boxes from Prouds jewellers when I'm not wearing it.

I'm thinking about getting a necklace chain and wearing it around my neck if my thumb continues to shrink because I don't want to lose it T~~~T

Forever hating my treehuggers for it, will wear it well for the longest time ever :3


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    1. WHAT. you lucky duck.
      where the hell did they find something that yoseob has worn? I want- NEED something of his.
      Pleasereply, I am such a creepy fan for him.

    2. Oh my, I think you misunderstood. It's not the exact ring that he's worn, just the same kind ^^;

  2. OMG. I'm really really really really really really JEALOUS of you! TT_TT I've never seen Yoseob oppah nor B2ST in my whole life! And to know that you're wearing a ring Yoseob's worn TT^TT .. If that's me, I would have fainted the time I wore it *faints* . Sigh. REALLY. I'm so jealous T^T .. I'm so unlucky :'(( I just hope I'll see them someday and have a picture with them :'(( but I know it will never happen. So impossible with a very simple B2UTY like me who lives very far from them. It's like I'm reaching a star but I know I can't. And I will never :'( You're so very very very lucky Leng Yang :'( I hope I can wear something like that too but I know, I can't. And I'll never have one :'((

    1. Oh my, I think you misunderstood. It's not the exact ring that he's worn, just the same kind ^^;

  3. Aigooooo. I can't move on. You're so very lucky Leng Yang :'((


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