Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beast bracelet


Okay so this is a really old post. This is a bracelet that I got like almost two months ago from Media Asia. I was actually about to buy it online but then they ordered it shortly after I saw it so I decided to just wait for it and get it from them instead to save hassle of shipping and whatnot.

Anyways, unlike my Second Invasion necklace which I've worn since I got back from Korea, I stopped wearing this after about a week. Why?

Because it rusted.

Yeah, I'm a person who likes my jewellery but also very lazy with it. So when I wear it, I would wear it all the time. The only time I took this bracelet off was when I was showering or sleeping. It's not like I dumped it into water or anything to have it rust LOL I tried to have it avoid water as much as possible.

But it started rusting and I was like "wtf already?" and just stopped wearing it. So it just sits in my box with other random KPop merchandise.

I can't actually remember how much this cost, like $15 maybe? Something like that? A little less? I don't know, but yeah, I wouldn't recommend this bracelet to anyone.

But in saying that, Jeanny also has the bracelet and she still wears it and she says hers hasn't rusted? Mine hasn't rusted much, like the edges are rusting, it's not noticeable or anything. But if I had continued wearing it, then by now it would have completely rusted, without a doubt.

There's also a necklace of this, but I don't like necklaces where the pendant is like 5cm long LOL it looks weird. There are also other KPop groups.

This picture is really high quality awesome shit because it's from Jeanny's blog since I didn't take a picture of it before it rusted LOL

Trying to update this blog bit by bit with the small things until Easter break where I will have time to finish my proper posts like Beast Airline DVD, Beautiful Show merchandise and Special Selection of Beast photobook. I have so many posts saved in Drafts for this blog, seriously, I just start typing lots of things without pictures and then I never finish and just save them for later. But by now, it's too late to post them even if I finished them (like encore concert merchandise) so I just gave up and will probably not end up posting it LOL but I will really try to post all the new stuff up this time!

PS. Would you guys be interested if I did a giveaway for the 2012 Season's Greetings pack? Or is it too late and you all have it by now and don't really care for it? If no one responds then I won't do it.


  1. I would be interested ^^ I didn't get it because I'm poor and I bought the Infinite one because I fluctuate between Beast, Infinite and FT Island as my favoutite group OTL

    1. Haha well so far, not many have responded to me on this blog or my Tweet so at this rate I might not end up doing the giveaway D:


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