Friday, March 16, 2012

Sneak peek at Beautiful Show cape

Okay once again, sorry about not updating lately, uni has really been stressing me out and stuff!

This is just another picture of the Beautiful Show merchandise that I got, and haven't had the chance to post about yet T____T The Rose Light stick arrived too, I have everything except for the polaroids, which I seem to have forgotten to order with the rest so I ordered it and still waiting for it to arrive.

As you can see, the Beautiful Show cape is more like a poncho with a hoodie, and it has two pockets at the front that you can't see very well in the pictures above. Watch me wear it to uni one day as it gets colder LOL

Also, I hope that you guys have all heard Yoseob's collab with A Pink's Eunji! Loveday is a lovely song and their voices match so well, Eunji is my bias from A Pink btw hahaha my biases are perfect! To anyone entering the "Be My Partner" contest, good luck and hope you win the dinner with Yoseob/Eunji!! At times like these, I wish I could sing so I can at least enter AHAHAH oh I'm so jealous at whoever wins the dinner with Yoseob, even if it was dinner with Eunji, I would love to have dinner with her OTL

Anyways, I'll have to leave this post at that, I keep saying that I'll update but I don't, I'm a horrible person ): So many things to poster about ):

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