Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lookie at what arrived~

Okay first off, I'm so sorry I stopped blogging again. I still have so many things that I haven't blogged about like all of Beast's Japanese albums (Shock, Bad Girl, SO BEAST) and the Welcome (BACK) to BEAST AIRLINE concert merchandises that I assume I will never get around to doing to be honest.

I also still haven't blogged about the Welcome to BEAST AIRLINE concert DVD yet, but I will hopefully get around to that soon. I also got a bracelet that I will be making a quick blog about soon.

But look what arrived today! Well it actually arrived at my friend's place ages ago, I just never went to get it from him LOL

It's the Beautiful Show merchandise, the light stick and cape aren't here because I ordered them from a different place and still waiting for them to arrive, or if they have, my other friend that it got sent to didn't tell me to pick them up LOL

I also ordered the 4minute slogan towel with all this but got the Hyuna one instead :S and since the package actually arrived a while ago and I just never went to my friend's place to pick it up, I'm not sure if I can exchange it x____x I guess there's no harm in having the Hyuna one, but I really wanted the 4minute one ><

Hopefully I'll be posting about these items soon! I started Uni this week and I already have lots of crap to study for, seobs I have a test in 2 weeks on the first 5 chapters of the textbook, holy crap. Last semester we did one chapter a week in class? T_____T

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