Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lian's 18th BEAST shower

So basically my bestest B2UTY friend ever Lian, turned 18 last month but her presents hadn't all arrived yet. I got everything the other day and I've been trying to give it to her but things kept coming up.

Here's a little something I made in 2 minutes for her on the day of her birthday. She really loves this picture of Doojoon haha!

And here's the presents I got for her! =D

BEAST is in the cube! Hahah yes lame I know. But I thought this was pretty cool so I made a BEAST one for her using the Mastermind album photoshoot. It uses properties of a glass prism and refracts and it's all cool. Logically 6 members of Beast on 6-faced cube haha! I placed it in the box so that when she opened it, the first thing she saw would be Doojoon :P

Of course the others were there too but Doojoon, Yoseob and Kikwang were the main pretty ones because they are her favourite three. The other three don't really have an order, she doesn't really rank them haha!

I also bought her this Doojoon shirt in Midnight Blue, because you know, BEAST's colour is Pearl Midnight Blue, it only feels right :P I hope it fits her though, because the Yoseob one I bought for myself ended up being pretty big for a size small =\ 

She didn't open it from the packet so that's all I can show you, but I will have a picture of my Yoseob one up later in my entries as I continue posting the current merchandise that I have.

I also got her this poster from the Hot Chili Paper magazine, I decided to give it to her the day it arrived so this is a picture of my one, but it's the same thing haha!

I really liked this poster, because the texture of it wasn't paper, it felt more like a soft rough canvas sort of thing, and it was larger than the usual posters we get in the album! Not the mention that the boys looked absolutely gorgeous in this magazine. I wanted to get the DVD and magazine but they are like impossible to find right now T_T

While blogging I realised that I didn't take a picture of her magazine, but here's a picture of my one instead.

This is Bromide Magazine No. 55. We wanted it before but I forgot to order it, so I ordered it for her birthday haha! It unexpectedly came with this Doojoon card thing. I had absolutely no idea why it was there. I even flipped through the magazine looking if they had the other members, but they didn't. Damn. Haha! But it was good that her bias was Doojoon hehe!

The magazine also has other artists like Dalmatian, Miss A, Co-Ed School, 2NE1, BoA, SHINee, etc, etc. But the poster was BEAST/2NE1.

I also got her the BEAST fan balloon teehee! But again I just realised that I didn't take a picture so took a picture of mine.

I got two of them for her hehe, these balloons were the only thing that arrived on time for her birthday but I decided to wait to give it with the others! =D I really like the balloon, I blew one of mine up already and it's just in my room. I'll show a picture of it later on in my entries (:

Now of course, I can't have gotten her all that BEAST merchandise for her birthday and not get something very important! Drum roll pleaseeeeee~~~

Yup Mastermind album! Her birthday was during Soom days so Lights Go On Again still hadn't come out yet. 

Again I didn't end up taking a picture of her album since she didn't want to take it out of the bubble wrap yet. So here's a picture of my one haha! She was very happy to receive it since she didn't have it yet. I bought it during Soom promotions so this album counted towards their sales for the awards! :P

Along with this album was the poster!! When I bought mine it didn't come with a poster so I have yet to get one, but I literally have no wall space left in my room so I'm not in any rush to get it. Here's hers!

Yeah crap picture. But the quality of this poster is pretty good. And I really liked how they looked as well. This is her first album poster because she bought the first two albums without the poster. Hehe yay!

That wraps up my long blog entry of Lian's presents! Happy belated birthday Lian! I gave you a BEAST shower on your 18th! :P I'm happy that you liked all the presents and your reaction when you opened it was enough for me! (:


  1. May I ask how did you make the BEAST cube? hehe. IT'S SO COOL~~

    1. Oh the cube was just a glass prism, Harvey Norman was selling them at the time and I bought them because 6 sides of cube = 6 members of Beast. And Beast was in the cube LAWL
      I got it all done at Harvey Norman, gave the pictures on an SD card and they arranged it so that when slits were cut on the paper, they all fit in the cube sides.
      They don't sell it anymore though since this was a long while ago, sorry ):


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