Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yang Yoseob t-shirt

Hmm so looking through the posts in my Blogger, I noticed that I haven't posted this. I got this a while ago.

By the way the spots are from the camera lens and not actually on the shirt. LOL!

Some of you might recognise it from Lian's 18th BEAST Shower where I got her a Doojoon one. But yeah it was still in its packet in that post.

This is what it looks like basically, but this is the Yoseob version. The Doojoon one says "b2st leader" and "DOOJOON" obviously. I bought both shirts in midnight blue -- for obvious reasons. There's one of every member!

From memory, this was from the same online store I got the BEAST Hoodie that I posted before. Seeing as it's the middle of Australian Summer, I don't wear the hoodie anymore.

But with this shirt, it's just something I can pop on easily if I suddenly need to go grocery shopping with mum or something like that. I quite like the shirt haha. But the only problem is that it's a little too big on me, even though it's a Size S x____x Oh and also the printing as you can see on the picture looks a little dodgy and could be better, but yeah whatevs :P

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  1. nice post :)
    btw , i'm the girl @ :)
    hehe . well , welcome .
    i love your blog !
    you're a super B2UTY :D


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