Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Omnomnom Yoseob

Okay sorry I didn't post yesterday, yesterday was a slow day for me with BEAST updates because I was out and what not. Then I just never felt like posting late at night LOL! Anyways before I start, HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY EVERYONE!

Did you guys notice how much Yoseob was eating during the Idol Championships? That boy just doesn't stop eating. LOL! Here's a few videos :P

Like Jinwoon feeding him a cracker as he greets the fans and cameras. He's so cute, Jinwoon at the Idol Championship was awesome!

Oh and when he and Dongwoon are playing with the earmuffs, he also ate a banana :3 We haven't seen him eat a banana since he was blonde! Keke! So cute!

Then he ate a cheese stick, I think maybe this happened before the earmuffs one, but yeah haha!

Oh and then he also ate chips here, Doritos? Hehe!

LOL he's the cutest thing ever! Our Yoseob doesn't stop eating!!

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