Monday, January 24, 2011

Starstruck DongSeob

So the MBC Idol Championship for Lunar New Year was filmed last night. Hyunseung and Seungri reunited! That's cute!

But what's cuter was when he introduced Seungri to Yoseob and Dongwoon! Haha!

So at first everyone is all happy, Seungri must be talking about how awesome Hyunseung is and stuff like that. Revealing embarrassing stories about Hyunseung back in the day maybe? ;D

So they both bow to greet him nicely... A little too nicely. But hey it's Seungri man, he deserves some hardcore respect right?

Dongwoon bows a lot and drags Seungri down, Seungri is a little shocked by the suddenness I think haha!

Then Seungri moves on to greet Yoseob and y\Yoseob is just freaking out in his head, but acting a lot calmer than Dongwoon was. But too calm maybe? So Seungri pulls Yoseob in for a hug but Yoseob is still freaking out in his own little world! Haha!

Ahh really, idols being starstruck is great :P They are so cute! <3

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