Sunday, January 9, 2011

BEAST Japan Edition

Before I start posting this, please note that this is only the regular edition, not the premium edition with the DVD. See when I pre-ordered this, I got the regular one because the DVD doesn't even work in Australian DVD players, so I didn't see the point.

And can I say that it's a great regret? I don't know why but I felt very cheap at the time, normally I'd buy the premium edition anyways even if the DVD didn't work, that's just how I am. In fact, normally I'd buy both editions.

I still haven't gotten around to buying the premium one yet because I'm low on money right now, but I'll get around to buying it real soon. And the best thing about this is that YesAsia counts towards the Oricon charts so all the purchases of the Japanese albums there will help! 8D

Also, this is my last post on the BEAST things I currently have, I think, I have more but not physically with me to take pictures of and post. So yeah. But I could be forgetting things. Ah well~

This is the cover, nothing new, just the Shock jacket photo shoot. Although this is still a really nice picture haha! But yeah nothing much happening with the cover.

It's also in a regular CD case, nothing awesome like the Korean albums. Which was such a let down to me, but I guess that's just how it goes =\


Here's the CDs. The first and second albums. Nothing fancy happening with the CD. The CD bit is like flappy and it flips like the page of a book. It's nothing out of the ordinary from a normal CD case you see in Australia or anything.

This is the mini-poster that came with the CD. The same picture as the one on the album cover and it's not really big. As you can see by the folds in the poster, it's like 6 CD cases in total area. I haven't put this up yet, don't know if I will, probably will I guess.

I don't actually know what this is, it's just a little card thing that came with the CD. There's not writing on the other side or anything. I assume the premium edition comes with cooler pictures haha! Still, pretty nice picture nonetheless.

This is the lyrics booklet, it's nothing awesome like the Korean albums. In fact this is the only pay with pictures. The rest of the pages are just word-filled. And the cover of the book is the cover of the album and it's just placed into the case cover thing. Yeah nothing different from a regular Australian CD once again.

And this is the back of the CD case. Excuse my reflection =A= Tracks of the two discs, etc.

Yeah basically if you can't tell by my tone throughout this post, I was very upset with this. Ah well. I hope to get the premium edition soon. Maybe the Korean albums just got me too picky.


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