Sunday, January 30, 2011

At my funeral

Last night, my friend told me about how his little sister wanted Hokage's Funeral to be played at her funeral - yes, she is a Narutard. LOL. Then he asked me what song I would like, and I told him that I never really thought about my funeral before, because you know, it isn't exactly something that crosses your mind on a normal day-to-day basis... LOL!

But he told me to decide like I would be dead in the next 5 minutes (gee thanks LOL) and I thought of BEAST's Clenching A Tight Fist.

Okay so the words isn't exactly funeral-ly, but hey it's a nice slow ballad and all, and I quite like it. So if I die, play this at my funeral. LOLOL!!!

I wonder if my choice is normal, are you even allowed to have a song with words playing at your funeral? I'm not exactly an expert on this haha!

Well I'm sure I'm not the only one right? What would you want played at your funeral?


  1. Am I considered morbid for actually having thought of this numerous times? :X

    I'd like Within Temptation's Memories, or Celtic Spirit's version of Ailein Duinn, because I'm a sap like that.

    If I weren't so sappy, I'd go with David Bowie's Life on Mars?. Oh, that would be a brilliant song to go out on.

  2. Holy crap Nikki just commented. Shock. LOL!

    The only song of those three you named that I know is Within Temptation's Memories.

    But yes why did you think about a song for your funeral exactly? LOL

  3. I think I've watched a few movies where the music at the funeral has been a problem, so it got me wondering. And I like thinking about the future, even up to the point of my funeral. I like to plan ahead, you know?

    How did you get to know WT?

  4. LOL so you think that far into the future huh? xDD

    Umm I don't know, I think it was on a forum game "listen to the song above you", I can't think of how else I would know the song :P


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