Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mastermind poster

Yeah whoops sorry, I realised that I haven't done this one yet.

So I didn't get the poster with the Mastermind album because in my rush to pre-order it for the Hanteo charts while the AUD was pretty awesome, that and the fact that I can't read hangul in the first place, I didn't realise that the album didn't come with a poster until after I already ordered it. So yeah, dammit.

I bought this poster at a store in Sydney that has many popular asian entertainment from Chinese to Korean to Japanese, music to anime to movies to dramas, etc, etc. One of the workers there actually visits Korea every now and then and gets signed CDs and stuff from groups to display and sell. Pretty cool right?

Anyways, the poster was pretty awesome, I quite loved it, I think it's my most favourite poster of the four albums. It's simplistic and the quality was pretty awesome and the holo-foil logo at the top was a nice touch.

Yeah in my absence from this blog I realised I haven't posted about Lights Go On Again or the Japan Edition albums either, I'll get to those soon haha xD

I still haven't gotten around to making a new layout or an affiliates icon, sighhh ><" I'll do it soon~ Also please vote on the poll up there for giveaway suggestions (:


  1. w0w...I want that poster also...nice!! ^_^

  2. Haha the poster is pretty cheap, I'm sure you can buy it at your local KPop store. And there's always eBay (:


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