Sunday, January 30, 2011

DooSeob spam

Okay so BEAST updates have been pretty slow the past few days. And that's why this blog has been dead. So I'm just gonna compile a small DooSeob post so that this place isn't dead haha!

Oh on the plus side. GUESS WHAT ARRIVED YESTERDAY!? Beast Seasons Greeting Pack! Booyah! I'll be making a post about it sometime this week :P

So anyways, recently there have been lots of wonderful DooSeob moments, and I'm absolutely loving them all. So excuse me while I just spam some random pictures, gifs and fancams here :P

He was just using the sticker as an excuse to hug Doojoon in public. We all know it :P

He's just marking what's his so no one else can take it :P

Words can't express how crazy I went when I saw this. OH GOD. LOL! My mind was going wild xD

Doojoon spots Yoseob in the crowd. Target locked-on.

Mwahaha I loved this fancam. Why? Because Doojoon drags Yoseob away from Junhyung, which he should have been doing for a long while now. Then took the opportunity to give Yoseob a piggy back because everyone else was doing it, so no one would guess that they were actually together :P But oh Doojoon, we know ;D

Expressing some love for the Japanese debut :P

Oh my gosh, this fancam played with my head so much! The music even suited the mood! If only Doojoon didn't turn his head so much, my imagination would've had more fun. LOL! BUT OH MY GOD YOSEOB! Way to be subtle! xD

Okay I loved this. It's better when you see it in the action. Because Yoseob just looks at Doojoon and then moved in closer. But then it ends up being a whisper. I bet he was about to kiss Doojoon, but then realised there were people around so turned it into a whisper! Tch! Can't hide from the DooSeob shippers!

In conclusion. DOOSEOB IS REAL.

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