Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hot Star Magazine Vol. 8

This was a magazine I was pretty excited for. I had already seen the scans online like the previous issue I posted but yeah :P And come one anyone who has seen the scans would think they're pretty awesome no?

Here's a perfect cover, with both cute and hotness. Haha! Man I'm so bias LOL! But I thought this was a very nice shot, if only Dongwoon and Yoseob weren't chopped off for the cover.

This was the first page (non-photo thing) and it had some of their tweets hehe, what nice pictures Doojoon twets huh? :P

Like Volume 6, this issue had a member as well, this time it was our precious little Kikwang. Isn't he wonderful? :P

These images were the reason I bought the magazine. LOL! When I saw the scans, I said I definitely must get the magazine. How cute of the pictures? Espcially the KiSeob high-school sweet hearts there HAHA! <3

This is a page of when they went to the little asia show case tour thing, pictures we've all seen and all but yeah. It's still a BEAST page, which is all good.

These are the stickers that came with it. Kikwang had a bigger sticker than the others. Dammit. LOL! But I think with the exception of Doojoon's, those are such cute little shots :P Doojoon's one is just like, hot.

Anyways this was a really quick and extremely-bias post on this magazine. But I felt bad that I didn't post on Yoseob's birthday and even though I still technically didn't, blehs. Haha!

I know I know, I'll try to post more. But I have a lot of things to be doing right now, and yeah, but will try to at least post 2-3 times a week? (:

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOSEOB (: I went shopping for his present but I never ended up posting about the things I bought for him, I'll try to get around to that another time (:

Also BEAST has released a new song for the My Princess OST, a drama that our Kikwang will be a part of. The song is really nice, I really like it, but I won't talk about it here.


  1. hey ^^
    aups :D i'm sorry
    nope i didn't cuz i don't have an deviantart account so how could i?
    and i didn't say that they are mine
    at your deviantart it writes "free 2 use" and i was thinking that i can take it
    i NEVER said all the rights belong 2 Yo Seob Europe so yeah hope ya can understand
    if not, no problem ^^ i will take them down
    thanks, bye bye

  2. hey again ^^
    oky say sorry 2 your friend 2 :)
    now i understand the "free 2 use" thing
    oky thanks 4 letting me use it >:D<
    and next time i will do my own graphics ^^
    and thx 4 your advice ^^ + your graphics are really great :X:X:X
    that stamp is the bomb :)
    have a nice day


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