Sunday, January 16, 2011

Site Updates 20110116

Okay so it's been about 7 weeks since I first started this blog. I've not been doing a very good job and there was a period of time where I didn't post anything.

posting updates
I hope people aren't expecting me to post up every news article that has BEAST in it, because I never planned to. I mean a lot of the articles say similar things anyways. I'm just gonna post up the ones where I feel like commenting on them in some way. Or if I feel like I haven't posted anything then I'll add in an article so that it's not a day wasted on the blog.

However if you want updates on BEAST articles and whatnot, please check our affiliates because a lot of them do post up the articles. I on the other hand just post up things I feel like spazzing about and stuff whether it's articles, videos, pictures, etc.

For those that want to affiliate with the site, please go to the Affiliates page and leave a comment as instructed on the page (: You don't have to be a BEAST site.

giveaway poll
Now I know that poll has been up there for a long time now and the number of days until the poll ends is always extended. This isn't because I'm just playing you all for fools or anything like I've been asked. It's because I have a certain number of votes I want on the poll before I do a giveaway. My goal right now is 20 votes. The date will continually be extended until I can get 20 votes. So please vote so I can do a giveaway for you all (:

Also if you want like the calendar, diary, planner, and all that stuff from the BEAST Seasons Greetings package; or a magazine, vote for "Other" and leave a comment anywhere on the blog stating which you want.

beast toplist
If you like what this blog offers... Which really isn't much I don't think, then please take the time to click the button on the side of the blog and vote, it only takes a few minutes (: That way more traffic can come in and hopefully vote and take part in the site so I can do giveaways and stuff more often!

I think it's about time I get around to making a proper layout for this blog, I've been so lazy and I didn't think I had that many readers anyways and I was just typing because I felt like it so I didn't think it'd matter. But the Blogger Stats show that I get quite a number of viewers per day LOL! So now I think I'm gonna make the blog look nicer to attract people if they pass by and stuff. So keep on the lookout for the new layout!

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