Sunday, January 23, 2011

[FANCAM] BEAST (비스트) #28 DooSeob @ 20th Ṣεoυl Mυsıc ɑwɑɾds 11O12O

Okay yes I know, I can see the time is like 4am. And I need to get up in like 5 hours, but I am busy. LOL! Talking to my dooseoblove family :P Which I may or may not post more about here when I wake up.

BUT OMG ALL THE DOOSEOB MOMENTS LATELY! Seriously I love it all so much! Haha! I might end up making a DooSeob post when I get time.

This fancam totally killed me, it's so awesome!

So like Doojoon drags Yoseob away from Junhyung - IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME HE DID THAT!

And then like he uses this as an excuse to piggy back Yoseob of course haha! And our little pseudo maknae if very happy being with his beloved boyfriend's back in public :P

I'm going to bed with all this DooSeob <3 I will fix this post up when I wake up probably LOL!

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