Friday, January 21, 2011


Yay they finally arrived! I made these purchases when the store first open and since I was doing concealed cash, I had to wait longer.

Sorry for the bad quality picture, I took it with my phone because my camera is dead right now.

Anyways these are just those normal rubber bracelets you see everywhere, they're like an inch (2.5cm) thick. The store offers a variety of bracelets, but please be nice since the store is still quite new so they don't have every group. Luckily they had BEAST yay!

I also bought the SHINee and DBSK ones while I was at it. The second BEAST one is for my B2UTYMATE :3 DBSK is for my greatest online friend, Cookie :3

Guys please check out the store, for more and they aren't even expensive. But Lisa is the only one that works there so don't be mean, she's a good person )<


  1. Dont u need there address? I was ordering but i needed there address :P

  2. Umm, their address? It only asks for your own address so you know where to ship it?
    Or are you paying my concealed cash?
    If it's easier for you, feel free to send me an email:

  3. I want to buy Beast bracelet and do you sell it? How much? Can you deliver to me? And I don't have any postal code.

    1. I don't sell. I'm just a blogger. I left a link with the seller that I got these bracelets from if you'd kindly read the post and check the link. Sorry


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