Thursday, January 13, 2011

BEAST reveals the teaser videos for their encore concert

Ahh isn't the teaser beautiful?? Yes I know I am horribly late with this update but I was at the SUPER K-POP Concert with SHINee and I got home 2 hours ago. I'm still too spazzy to be blogging properly so this is all I'm leaving for now I think haha!

For the fans who have been waiting for the opening of the ticket sales on the 12th at 2PM KST, BEAST’s management had posted the first version of the teaser for the encore concert via their official Youtube channel and the official fan café to hype up the mood for the special event.

BEAST will be posting up the corresponding teasers for the BEAST encore concert 'Welcome BACK to BEAST Airline' that will be held on February 18th and 19th at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium. The first one was the ‘Yoon Doojoon Version’ and along with the release, the official promotions have begun.

Also, the management stated that they will be revealing the concert teasers for each member for six days starting with Yoon Doojoon. The teasers this time will display the stage videos for each member along with the narration of comments that each member experienced about the first solo concert with their own voice.

There is an importance on the fact that BEAST members showed no hesitation choosing the first concert as the moment that was their happiness and joy and that the encore concert will be a rerun of that moment.

Also, at the end of last year, BEAST had shown intense popularity with their first solo concert selling out the first day. Not only that, this concert had been on the ranking for the ‘Must Go-to Concerts’ making the anticipation rise even more with the ticket sales opening.

In addition, Interpark, the system that will be selling BEAST’s concert tickets, had decided to upgrade their servers and run maintenance in order to handle the influx of fans on the 12th at 8PM KST.

Meanwhile, BEAST members are currently practicing and preparing for the spectacle appearance and formations they will be displaying at the encore concert.

Check out the teaser video here:


  1. I loved the previous previews XD Can't wait for these ones too <3

  2. Hehe yeah the precious ones were just hilarious :P
    These seem to be more of a sincere and thankful tone from the looks of it =X


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