Sunday, November 28, 2010

BEAST in Japan

As you should know, BEAST debuted in Japan today. Well it's past midnight now, but, yeah, whatever LOL!

I was so excited when I saw that you get these BEAST cards with the Japanese album.

Taken from Bee235st@twitter

From what I understood in her tweet, she got them with the album that she bought at the market. I pre-ordered a copy, I hope it comes with it too!! :P

But I was so surprised to see all the fans lined up to welcome BEAST to Japan. There were so many. They must've been really happy to see that they had a lot of fans that were ready and willing to support them.

However this was not all. Look and how they were gathered! Doesn't it just make you warm and fluffy inside seeing Japanese B2UTY's dedication!?


For BEAST's Japan Debut, B2UTY are trying to trend #yokosob2st on Twitter so please help out!!

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