Monday, December 6, 2010

BEAST's Inkigayo Win with Beautiful

Yes yes I know this was yesterday but I couldn't find a video to link to the blog because SBS is going ninja on YouTube videos.

They were in pink/white yesterday and I absolutely loved it! I mean I was in love with the previous yellow/black but the pink/white was so prefect!!

I totally approve of Yoseob blowing kisses all the time randomly haha! And Kikwang's laugh when Hyunseung was singing was so cute! Speaking of Kikwang, I laughed when Kikwang drew half the heart at the KiWoon part from the other day but this time, Dongwoon didn't draw the other half, so Kikwang looked rejected LOLOL <3 And DongSeob at the camera was love! Haha! They totally proved that they deserved the Most Photogenic Award! :P

What would've made this performance more perfect is if there was a DooSeob moment... LOL!!

Here's the encore!

In all honesty, when I watched the countdown, I just stared blankly at the screen thinking "KARA's gonna win no doubt ==" and then I saw BEAST on the screen and I was like "what!? O_O" And I just froze in shock for a bit and was all #($*#(GV*%#MB)(%#N OMGGGGG so happy that they won!! I was so not expecting it!!

Now BEAST has won at least one award from each music show! YAY! So happy!! Congratulations BEAST! You deserve the best!

So please. Sleep T_T Staying up for 9 days straight is gonna do more bad than good! Fans don't want tired BEAST at the concert!

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