Monday, December 6, 2010

Bromide Magazine No. 48

So when I was updating the blog with all BEAST-related things that I currently have, I completely forgot about magazines. So the next few posts or so I will be posting the magazines that I currently have.

So here's the first magazine I got!

This is also like my first ever Korean magazine. It came with star photo stickers like I assume all KPop magazines (not just Bromide) comes with? But I could be wrong.

Nothing special happening with the cover, it was just the Shock Of The New Era poster rearranged, it looked better as a magazine cover than it did as a poster in my opinion.

At this point I'd like to mention that I was in awe when I saw how much the magazine cost. I only ever bought JRock and Anime magazines and they are in the $55-$70AU range. But if I recall correctly this magazine was in the $10-$15 range. Seriously that was a huge difference and I was amazed.

What upset me with this magazine is that this was all it had on BEAST. But it's not like it was spread out unevenly. Pretty much every other group or artist that was in it had this many pages each. I was expecting at least 6 pages of BEAST since they were on the cover. They weren't just some text on the cover, they were actually on the freaking cover. But all we got were 2 pages of nothing much interesting happening.

I wasn't really impressed with the poster either. Seeing as I was used to the posters from the Japanese magazines I previously bought and the posters that came with the albums, this was just bland. It's small and like those ones you get in those children magazines like Disney Girl and what not.

And there was BEAST on the back cover. Nothing spectacular, it's a back cover, never expected much from this part of the magazine at all.

Overall I wasn't as impressed with the magazine as I was when I first bought it online. But then from then onwards I didn't expect so much from a KPop magazine anymore, but if it had BEAST in it then I would still buy it because I waste money like that LOL!

But I guess, you get what you pay for? Shouldn't have expected the same thing for something that was pretty cheap compared to something $70 =\

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