Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BEAST Concert cheering towel

Teehee! Lookie what arrived! I only ordered two cheering towels, the other stuff just came with it so like, yay haha! One towel is for Lian of course :3 Who else? :P

There's another material banner (the white cloth) that came, it only came with one though ): Then there's stickers haha! It also came with Hello Kitty ankle socks that I didn't include in the picture.

Don't really know what I'd do with them though rOfl~

This came with the order, I don't think it was mentioned anywhere, I think it's just a promotional thing from the seller. I hope so, or was the package mixed up when they sent it off? ):

This is one side of the towel. You can't really tell from the picture what material it's made from, I couldn't tell from the fan pictures nor the picture from the seller. But OMG I love it. I kept touching it LOL!

And this here my pretties, is the other side. Yeah it's a double sided towel. Which poses a problem, because I wanted to pin it up on my wall. Don't know what I'd do now. Maybe I'd choose one side. Or I'd buy another one so I can pin up both sides LOLOLOL!!

I am quite happy with this, I don't know when I'd ever use the towel, because the next concerts will probably have their own new towels. But damn I'm loving this :P

PS. I won't be making posts about the B2UTY Inauguration Ceremony nor the BBQ Chicken CF videos like I mentioned in the last post because it's very old news now and yeah. Pointless? =\


  1. miss, i also love b2st.. can u tell me, wer did u buy b2st merchandise..?? pleasw..! i also want to have some..! can we be frnds in facebook..! i will type my email add.! just send me some message so that i can identify that its truly you..! please,please,please,,,...!!! this is my account..!
    poisonos_cancer@yahoo.com ,,.,, please add me..! i just need 2 know wer did u buy it.! i'm crazy inlove with b2st.,! i'm one of their no. fan ,, pls help me,,! pls reply my message/comment ,,

  2. Please right the FAQ page sweetie, I answer that question there in great detail.

    Also, sorry, but my Facebook is only for people I know personally. I hope you're okay with Twitter?

  3. heyyy i checked your FAQ page for info but can you send me the link of where you specifically bought these cheering towels please? much love (so jealous of you btw) x

  4. I would send you a link if you weren't on Anon..? Also if I could find these towels again. I can't seem to find them anymore, since they were for the concert it's best to assume they stopped production. I'm sorry ><


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