Friday, April 29, 2011

BEAST 2011 Daily Pad Season 1

Yay finally posting more merchandise! LOL! Well I received this a few weeks ago but never got around to posting up pictures and blogging about it... There are a lot of pictures in this post so just click on the thumbnails if you want a larger view C:

As usual, I have two :P One for Lian and one for me YAY! 8D

That's the front of the box. The back of the box has the flap tucked into a slip and then a nice metallic BEAST sticker on it too. I didn't want to rip the sticker so I took my time peeling it off LOL! But then the flap ripped a little when I was trying to open it, I don't know if you can tell in the third picture there LOL! ;____;

This is what's inside the box.

At first I didn't know what that calendar thing on the side was, but I'll get to that later haha!

But I noticed that it was only one sided and only went from April to June. Then I remembered it was "Season 1" so now I'm in high hopes of getting another one later in the year :P

Oh and in the front cover was 1700 B2UTY points - all official merchandise comes with that ever since the first concert I believe.

This is the first page, nothing much happening, very simple, nice colour and stuff though C:

A group picture and another planner page thing. Liking it so far, but I think the poses look somewhat awkward since they removed the props LOL!

So they got paired up again, 2Jun first. Also the April page is pretty simple, it's the same for May and June. There's more group jump shots to come btw LOL!

Okay, now, OMFG. LOL!

If you guys read my post for the SO BEAST 2011 Seasons Greeting Pack then you would know that I had a huge complaint about the planner that came with that pack being useless and like mini-ranted about it on my blog post xD

But this one totally makes up for it. Each date gets its own day and it's just so spacy and you can write so much on it!

But the quality of this diary is too good to use for Uni ;____; So I won't be using it LOL!

If Junhyung and Doojoon when they're at the back look blurry, it's because they are. But Junhyung isn't that blurry compared to Doojoon. But yeah. I think Doojoon's hair looked weird during this photoshoot LOL

I love these long ones! You can figure out from the picture that they fold and stuff. But yeah, I love them! :P

Okay just gonna do like picture spam for a bit, it's just the same as I posted above with 2Jun and groups but with HyunWoon and then KiSeob. Click on the thumbnails for full view C:

Just gonna stop here. That last picture just now. When I first saw it. I was like "aww cute" then my eyes instinctively saw Yoseob's undies LOL! Had to take a picture and text Lian right away xD

So I was flipping through each page one by one, instead of just skipping to the pictures. And lucky I did that because look look!

Haha yeah, I was like OMG DONGWOON!!!

It's on his birthday page of course!

Then I wished that Yoseob had one :C All the members should get one. But only Dongwoon has one in this once. Since Yoseob and Kikwang's already passed. And the others have yet to come - which I forgot.

I was waiting to see Doojoon's one but the diary ended and I'm like, "oh right, only to June," LOL ;____;

Can I say how much I freaking loved that second last group page just then? Yoseob pulling Kikwang and HyunWoon's Kamehameha LOL!

This brings us to the end of the book. Nice fancy shiny back cover just like the front cover. I love shiny things :3

Now remember that piece that came with the diary before? When I got to the end of the diary, I was looking to see what it did, I thought for a moment that it could be a bookmark. But then it wouldn't have fit and would've damaged the spiral spine thing.

Then I noticed the edges of the diary were cut in the corners and I thought it was weird. But it was a perfect fit for those slits on either sides of the thing. So....

TA-DAH! You slip the front or back cover into the thing and it stands. Yay! LOL!

I would also like to mention that when I gave Lian her one, it was fun watching her figure out what it was for LOL!

Since the thing says "Season 1" and it only went from April to June, I'm expecting Season 2 and possibly Season 3 :P But that's just me, I might be completely wrong, but I can hope xD SO MUCH MONEY TO SPEND ON BEAST ;_____;

Anyways, that's a good lengthy update haha! I still have more things to post about and things just keep on arriving in the mail for me to blog about LOL! And I keep buying more things! But I've been quite the busy with University and stuff so sorry about that :C I'll try to make posts during my breaks instead of only at home C:

Thanks for reading, baiyeom~♥


  1. OMGG i hate you... so jealous ><"

  2. HATE YOU! :'P kekeke. jk , but AM SO JELOUS


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