Thursday, February 3, 2011

BEAST Seasons Greeting Pack


LOL before I start, did I ever mention how freaking awesome and well-worth the price this thing is? LOL! There're a lot of pictures in this post, so most of them are gonna be really small as to not take up so much space on my blog. Click on any of the pictures to see the full size (:

Okay so I actually have two right now. The bottom is still in the clear wrapping.

But it's for my B2UTYMATE, Lian :3

I wanted to give it to her today but I didn't know if she would be home or not, seeing as Chinese New Year is soon and asian families are probably out and gathering and what not.

And this was the inside when you first open the lid. Ah what a nice greeting it is hehehe! It's the clearfile with postcards and stickers inside, and then that's the calendar you see below. After you take those away, you have your nicely packed planner there.

This is the clearfile taken out of it's packing, I also took out the postcards and stickers, etc.  that were inside the clearfile in the packing.

I accidentally bent it a little before taking the picture, whoops.

But the clearfile isn't actually that big, like if you can just measure it up from the previous picture. The calendar is smaller than A4 size, and the postcards were inside, and stuff.

I don't know what I'd use it for though =\ Because it's pretty small. But yeah.

These are the postcards, the first one was at the top. Then there was the stickers that are below. And to the right are the postcards. I loved that Yoseob was at the top haha! I wonder if it's always that order for all of it. I was looking through and Yoseob's cute little face was there after the stickers and I was like BAHH!! #)*(%M#V)(% Why is he so cute? LOL! But I guess if the Doojoon one was at front I would've died from the hotness haha!

The first thumbnail is the sticker sheet, I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but it's actually shimmery/shiny. The sticker sheet is the same size as the postcards, so the stickers aren't very big or anything. I never planned on using the stickers anyways - yeah, I'm one of those people. I don't use the stickers unless I have another set of them LOL!

The last picture there is the back of the 7 post cards, very simple. That logo thing actually comes up a lot throughout the Seasons Greeting pack.

And this is the awesome calendar! Haha! It took me a few minutes to figure out what was happening with it. But then I realised that there's two sides to it LOL!

So the picture on the left is the one that goes on the side with the BEAST picture. Then the one on the right is like all the pages that come after. And they all have that, and the page behind is the picture of the same person/group. So January Yoseob there, behind it is February page that looks like the left hand side. And the picture is another Yoseob one (:

Hope that made sense, I'm not good at explaining, but here's the rest of the pages in order (:

Phew! That took ages to upload, you won't believe. LOL!

But here's the last part of the pack now! The beautiful planner! But before I start, can I say, it isn't much of a planner. LOL! I mean I see it more as a photobook. I was planning on using the planner for University this year, but it's not very useful, so I think I'm gonna buy the Park Jungmin diary next week and use that one instead. LOL!

The cover is a hardcover, feels like canvas but I don't know what it is exactly. Hopefully you can tell from looking at the picture LOL! Oh and there's one of those ribbons attached for a bookmark as well (: I love how the planner looks seriously!

This is just a normal planner page like in every other diary/planner.

It's for 2011 and 2012.

I usually never look at this page, like, ever. LOL!

These pages followed the planner page, yeah, not what I expected. Haha! I was ready to see January pages or something. But then I saw Yoseob and I was like #%*)(#VM_%(B#_( But god damn, I stared at these pages for a long while. LOL! Yoseob why are you so cute? How is it possible for something to be so cute? <33

This was after the Yoseob pages.

Just a simple calendar thing. There's space to mark important dates and there's a to-do list on the side.

It goes until the end of June.

Here's some DooSeung that came after the page for June. LOL I can't say that I absolutely loved these pictures as much as the others, but there are some really cute ones. Haha! I just don't think the moustache suited them xD

After those pages was the calendar pages for July - December. They look the same so I didn't take picture.

Oh yeah, sexy Kikwang. LOL!! Yes Kikwang pages came after the December page. My gosh I know I've already seen all the pictures but mannnnn~~~ Kikwang <3

This is the daily planner pages. One for each day. I usually use it to write down homework and plan my homework/assignments for the day/week.

But as you can see, there's not much room here. Which is what I don't like about this. It's a planner and that's all you get. They should fit a week into the two pages instead of two weeks. It's not like doing that will mean you don't have pages for all the amazingly awesome photos -- you'll see what I mean later on in the book.

Anyways the pages basically continue like this until the end of March.

JunSeob DX LOL I'm kidding... Actually no I'm not. LOL! But nonetheless Yoseob is adorable here :3

After these pages is the daily planner thing again of April - June. Nothing different.

I thought Hyunseung was the cutest in these pictures haha! I know, not Kikwang, how strange xD They're all cute of course, but Hyunseung <3

Then they had the daily planner pages for July - September.

Cute Dongwoon followed. I personally liked the pictures with the glasses more than the ones with the Eiffel Tower =\ The ribbon was already on the Dongwoon pages when I first opened the book haha xD

October - December daily planner pages followed.

My gawwdddd~~~!!!! YOON DOOJOON!! You hot piece of... Hot stuff. LOL! He totally killed everyone at the hotness my gosh.

These pages came after Doojoon.

I guess they're like Memo pages. They go on for 14 pages.

Yeah, 14 pages.

I mean yeah it's expected in a diary, but just wait ==

Ahh sweet KiWoon. Dammit I can't believe only KiWoon got paired. No DooSeob or JunSeung? D: Someone needs to start rigging the system to get the original pairings! :P

Another 14 pages of the Free Notes pages like above came after the KiWoon pages. Yeah, as if the first batch of 14 wasn't useless enough and would end up being blank most of - if not, all year round, there's more of them. I got a little annoyed at this point when I was looking through.

Hyunseung pages now. The new prince charming? :P I liked what he was wearing, these were nice and simple pictures that did it for me hehe :3

Okay. These pages came after Hyunseung.

Oh whoop-di-doo they are just the Free Notes pages from before - but instead of being half-blank half-lines, it's all blank. Oh bravo.

There's 14 of these here. I flipped through thinking what in the world I would even use these pages for - that would be productive.

Here's a cute page of the whole group, yay!

Too bad there were only these pages, I was so ready for more when I turned the page, because all the pages that came before had more than just 2!! XP

These pictures were really cute though hehe!

If patterns go right in this book, logically the pages that followed this one are another batch of 14 completely blank Free Notes pages. Sigh.

TEEHEE! The DooSeobWoon group! Yay! Cuteness! =D I love all the pictures, because they're all cute in all of them keke!

Yeah, okay, so we've had half-blank half-lined, all-blank, now, we have all-gridded. Amazing! /sarcasm.

Like normally I wouldn't mind but these grids are tiny! Measuring them now, they're 3mm x 3mm. Yeah, tiny. What would you use that for? Making pixel art? .________.

They go on for another 14 pages - surprise, surprise.

Oh yeah, sexy Junhyung. I think the one of him with that one leg up is a little awkwardly random... Randomly awkward? :S Whichever! LOL! But gosh whatta hottie - not as hot as Doojoon though :P

Then there was another batch of 14 gridded pages ==

And this is another group picture, ain't it pretty?

Black and white pictures are always pretty.

And I would believe this is one of the few times Yoseob doesn't ruin the serious-mood of the group pictures with a smile or something cute. LOL!

Okay, so what else is there besides the grids? There's some yearly planner wheel thingies!

Seriously, what in the world? Why would you need this? I don't even get how you would use this thing.

This goes on for 16 pages people. What a waste.

This was a cute page!!

Well okay fine I'm only looking at my cutie down on the bottom left there. The others are fine too, but not so much cute. Kikwang is cute too I guess.


Not being bias. LOL!

This is a pretty normal thing for the diary planners, Friends page.

There's 4 of these pages. That's alright, I don't mind it at all.

This is the last page.

Another nice group picture of our precious boys. The ever precious DooSeob. Some JunWoon happening there. And a cute Kikwang. Junhyung and Doojoon are doing the same thing as the other picture. LOL! Hyunseung was cuter in the other picture though =\

And on the right is for you to put your own information - which would make more sense at the front of the book instead of the back? :S

This is the back of the dairy, pretty cool.

It's got the logo on it, it's like "engraved" into the back hardcover. Haha!

You can probably see what I'm trying to describe in the picture.

Phew! Finally finished this blog! LOL! Gosh that took a long time xD

I'm sorry I sounded a little bitchy back up there, but seriously those useless pages were annoying me.

Instead of having all those useless pages, and so many of them, they could've had few - a lot fewer, and then have decent pages for the weekly planners. And still be able to keep the photos in the book =\

Just ignore me being picky. I was just really looking forward to actually using the diary, but it doesn't look like it'd help. So I'm gonna buy the Jungmin one to see if that one is any better. If not, I'll just use a normal one from the newsagency, and stick BEAST pictures all over it. Like last year. LOL!

Anyways hope you guys enjoyed the post and many pictures! BEAST news is kind of really slow right now, so yeah, LOL!


  1. ho shit yomi how long did you take to upload everything LOL ??? they look so fab! but the gridded / panel wheel pages are such a waste of space xD should've spread out and left more space to write stuff on the daily pages. but gosh it's so prettyyyy *___*

  2. ^ I don't think she's going to write on it anyways LOLS
    And damn girl, big big fangirl for sure :L
    I think i saw the calender at City but i was feeling cheap LOLS


  3. @ Cookie
    LOL IT TOOK 3 DAYS!! xDD Yeah it's a lot of wasted space, I know right? But yes, best planner ever. LOL! Even though I love it as a photobook :P

    @ Jeanny
    What are you talking about? I would've written on it.
    Like I said - "I was just really looking forward to actually using the diary, but it doesn't look like it'd help."
    LOL yeah I know, the store at cities has it. But I didn't know they would have it, I pre-ordered it, scared that I wouldn't have it. But it's $55 at the cities, same price as online with shipping. So meh.

  4. Haha well it's not like I won it or got it for free or anything, bought with my own money, so not really that lucky xD

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment though (:

  5. WOWW I wonder if the have it for other groups too!!

  6. As far as I know, BEAST is the only one with a "Seasons Greeting" pack. But other groups have wall calendars, desk calendars, some have planners and post cards too. But I don't know any that have a pack like this.

  7. the order of postcards of mine isn't like that.

    i though of that too. if its order is the same as the others. but as i read your blog.. now i know. haha
    mine is starts with doojoon, dongwoon, hyunseung, junhyung, gikwang, and yoseob..

    (i was figuring it out if it comes alphabetically. LOL, but gikwang comes second to the last.. so.. not. XD)

    as for the ribbon, mine is also in dongwoon's page. :) i think it really goes like that. haha

  8. Hahah yeah my friend that I bought the other one for got Doojoon at the front of her post cards too. And the ribbon in the diary was in the Doojoon pages. How lucky, double Doojoon for her :P

  9. I think the circles are those korean time wheels
    like you know the daily time schedules they have? (lol idrk how to explain this)
    and you plan you day out^^

    1. LOL oh well I never ended up using it and I'm glad the 2012 one didn't have it tbqh


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