Monday, January 20, 2014

Beast official cheering towel

First of all, happy new year everyone!! As always, my blog died during the end of Semester 2 and it starting up again at the start of the year. I'm gonna try to keep it alive this year!! Someone slap me if I don't. Or if I go missing without notice.

I think that I will be changing the scheduling of the posts to once a week (little baby steps xD), although I haven't really decided on a day yet. The day will be decided once I get my university timetable and I'll pick a day that isn't too busy. But until that happens (mid-February), I'll just be posting maybe Sunday/Monday (: But more on the site updates in another post.

This post is gonna be a quick post about the Beast official slogan cheering towel. I'm sure you guys have seen this already, it's been around for like 2 years or something? And you always see fans in the crowd at music shows and concerts waving them.

These towels are just like other KPop ones, they come in these fancy zipped pouches, usually with the group logo on it. And they have a sheet of (tracing?) paper in the middle so that when you fold the towel, it doesn't smudge and imprint on the other side.

I have a few of these towels so I put a twist tie through all the hoops of the zips,twist an end to make a loop and just hang it above my vanity desk on a hook (:

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