Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beautiful Show in Seoul officially finished

So the first of the Beautiful Show tour has ended! There's so many things to update about, so many pictures and fancams and just perfection all around.

Sorry I haven't been updating though, I've been busy. But I've definitely been keeping track of the concert on both days, and that B2UTY from last night, is honestly the luckiest B2UTY in the world. She got pulled on stage and DooSeob fought over her, Dongwoon hugged then, Doojoon gave her a bear, Yoseob gave her a rose, KiWoon fought over her, and she was just on stage with Beast the entire time mucking around as they sang to her. OMG I've never been so jealous of a person in my life.

Another thing is the picture I posted. LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL GREY OCEAN. We finally have an ocean guys ;~~~; We actually have an ocean. There's so many pictures of the ocean and I will never get tired of seeing them, it's just so beautiful. I'm waiting for videos that have good shots of the ocean though, because fancams tend to film the boys and now the crowd ahah xD The few fancams from far away that show the ocean aren't that great looking :S Heads in the way and stuff I guess.

And Doojoon cried at the end of tonight's one because he was scared he won't be seeing K-B2UTY for a whole year, aish he is so sweet.

Seriously there is just so much to update, there's so many moments from the concert that I wanna talk about, but I really don't want a whole post full of spazzing and text LOL

I don't think I'll be able to upload pictures onto this blog though, I'm leaving for Korea in two days so I'm sort of getting everything together and yeah. If I go inactive, that's why, I'm sorry! But just have a look around and you should find the concert stuff easily since it's all everyone is talking about when it's Beast right now?

Can't wait for my Rose light stick and Beautiful Show cape to arrive! <3

I'll try to update in Korea since the place we are staying at has a computer and stuff. But it probably won't be Beast updates, probably small posts about Beast things I see while in Korea or something? :S

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