Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beast deck of cards

Aish sorry for lack of updates again! ): I'm capped so I can only use internet during off-peak ><

I bought this ages ago, like in September when my friend Steph came up to Sydney for my birthday. It was when Morning Glory started getting lots of random KPop stock and I saw the deck of cards and needed it.

To be honest the price was a complete rip off but that didn't stop me LOL!

This is just your standard deck of cards, and with pictures of Beast that you probably already have saved on your computer and hence could just make yourself instead of spending like $18 or something on it.

I took a picture of the cards but didn't put much effort in it because it's just normal pictures, if there's one you see that you want a better look at or something just comment and I'll scan it for you ^^

 The first picture is of the back of the card so they all look like that.

I never use these cards and rarely take them out of the box. The material is like a slick cardboard so it's hard to use them properly because they tend to stick to each other more than you'd like =\ And they are pretty stiff but in a bad way?

Yeah I don't recommend anyone buy this, I already knew I'd regret it when I bought it LOL

The box had their autographs on the sides also, nothing really. LOL this must be the most useless Beast thing I've ever bought in all honesty xD Morning Glory sell their KPop crap for such expensive prices as well so I wouldn't recommend you go there for KPop.


  1. Hahah I do enjoy these! If only they were exclusive photos and officially CUBE released :)

    1. Yeah that would've made them more worthwhile, but the material of the cards really annoy me so that would need to change too ><

  2. I actually bought a deck of cards to of BEAST! I ended up paying $15 for it but they're not as nice as yours and like you said , its made with regular old pictures. I never take them out to play with them since 1.) I don't really even play card games like that anymore and 2.) When I do want to play...I don't want it to get ruined.
    My cards mostly have pictures from they're Shock/Special and Beast is the B2st era.

    *I might be looking through your old posts and one post leads to another.*

    1. Oh I still play with cards for party games and stuff but I never use these ones because everyone always has cards LOL. And no no it's totally okay to look through my old posts, I'm glad that you are finding my posts interesting enough to be clicking through to other ones ahah! I'm so sorry that I didn't get a chance to reply to you until now though!


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