Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome Back to BEAST AIRLINE Passport

First off, I'm sorry for not updating recently, with Chinese New Year as well as my brother capping out internet, I couldn't find time to post. Also this post is very late seeing as it's an item from the Encore concert last February LOL OTL I'm so sorry. I've had it for a long while but never got around to posting it.

Anyways the passport is made of a rough canvas-type of cardboard, you can probably tell what it's made of by looking at the picture. And printed on the front is the third mini-album logo thing in a nice gold.

This is the first page when you open it, it just has the terms and conditions, or rules, whatever.

Luckily it's in English as well, but I have to say that I haven't been getting mileage points recently =\
This is the next page where you should be filling it in with your personal details and stuff to make it look like a real passport? LOL!

It has Beast's debut date as the date of issue xD Would've made more sense to have the Encore concert date though but whatever.

I would never put a picture of myself on this though, unless it was important for its use, and for me, I don't think I can really actually use it? :S

And this is what the passport is for. When you buy Beast merchandise, official ones, they come with mileage point stickers (which I guess is their version of frequent flyer points LOL) that you can stick into the passport.

I lost a few of mine and there are still some that I haven't stuck in, also all the recent things like the Making Of Book and stuff haven't been coming with the points so I don't know is it's still happening anymore :S

And also the first page says you get 1,000 points for every album purchased and Fiction & Fact never came with any points? :S So I don't know, and also that thing about 10% off goods or something as well =\ Guess it would only work in Korea, not online shopping ;~~~;

The rest of the pages in the passport are just the same as above and you use it to collect the mileage points, and then 6 pages have pictures of the members.

Yeah most of the passport is just pages for the stickers, and then the last page for the stickers has this baggage identification tag thing drawn on it and a barcode.

I'm not sure whether that barcode actually words, and I don't know whether every passport has a different number. I never checked with Lian LOL

So someone who has it, wanna tell me if yours is the same as mine?

The last page in the passport has space for you to fill in your contact details in case you lose it I guess.

Cube's address is also on the passport for those who don't know Cube's address already.

I'm planning on bringing this passport with me to Korea in less than two weeks. Maybe I can get some points by buying an album in stores or something, if I can then I would buy an extra album anyways LOL but yeah there's no harm in me carrying this passport around, just hope I don't lose it =X and don't get it mixed up at the airport LOL that'd be funny xD

And again if you want any of the pages scanned please leave a comment with which pages you'd like and I'll see what I can do :3


  1. O, WOW!!! Where did you buy that? :D

    1. Umm online somewhere LOL I can't remember since it was a long time ago and I'm sure it's out of stock by now anyways ):


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