Saturday, January 21, 2012

비스트 새해인사 (Happy New Year! from BEAST)

CREDITS: beastofficial@youtube

A Happy Chinese New Year message from Beast! Don't they look perfect? Oh gosh I really wanna know why they are wearing those outfits though, was it a photoshoot? Or filming something? Second album teaser? Beautiful Show related? OMG so curious ahhh!!!

LOL Dongwoon spitting on Yoseob though ahahah KiSeob are the cute little duo in their own little world in this video ahaha xD

Doojoon of course not forgetting to mention his boyfriend at the end but Yoseob said nothing anyways rOfl

Is it bad that I think of Sunggyu a little when I look at Doojoon's clothes LOL T_____T


  1. I wish for English subs XD~~~<3 but ahh just seeing them and their gestures i feel like i get it

    1. Hehe I'm sure there will be English subs up soon if they aren't up already on YouTube ^^ Fans translate fast!
      But you can sort of make up what they wanna say I guess rOfl :P

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