Friday, January 20, 2012

Beast passport holder

Here's the Beast passport holder than I got from Media Asia Parramatta yesterday!

There are two kinds, the one I got and one where there's a pocket for coins and up the top has flaps, pretty much like a giant wallet I guess? I saw them both at the Sydney store the other week but took great effort in holding myself back from buying it then because I already spent so much money on things to take to Korea just the day before. I'm trying to save up and not spend money so I can spend more on my trip LOL ><

I liked this one better, it was thin and simple, it comes with a notepad for me to jot down things quickly, as well as three pockets for ID and stuff that I should probably take overseas.

As you can see, my passport fits inside the holder very nicely, the other side also has a pocket and there's also the one behind the notepad that you can see, with the white line.

The holder has an elastic thing at the back that goes over the entire thing to keep it closed so nothing can fall out.

I can't remember what the larger one used to keep it closed though, sorry x____x

I just like the simple idea of using the elastic to keep it closed, and efficient that it's attached to the back cover.

Oh and also, you can probably already tell that the holder is made of a leather material (obviously not real) and it also comes in many other groups/colours. They are at affordable prices of about $14, or the thicker one for $15.

When I first saw this, I thought it was quite useful to take with me to Korea, it held all my essentials and didn't take up too much space in my bag, a huge plus for overseas travel. And since Korea uses notes, I can put money in the other pocket as well and tadah! Used as both a passport holder to protect my passport as well as a wallet!

The only downside to it however, which I found out after getting home, is that the thin one is quite thin. As you can see, the passport fits snugly inside it. I don't know about other countries, but in Australia, when you get a passport, it comes with a wallet thing that holds the passport, and that wallet is a very tight squeeze so you can't actually fit the passport into the holder with that wallet. But with the thicker one, I think would be no problem. But I guess if you had the holder then you wouldn't need the wallet, but the wallet has the Australian coat of arms on it and all but yeah, whatever, no big deal.

Overall this is useful for my travel, multipurpose and conventional, taking little to no space and weights nothing! But I guess you should get the thick one if you need to hold coins and more things, which still doesn't weight much either. But I'm happy with the buy and will be taking it with me to Korea next month ^^

Media Asia Parramatta currently selling 10% off the passport holders until Chinese New Year so come on in! Read about the grand opening here: [link]


  1. Do you think it could be used as a wallet?

    1. Hmm well, personally I think it would be pretty bad for a wallet because there's no where to keep coins and it's pretty weird dimensions for a wallet? Also not enough pockets to keep cards and stuff either. I would only use this for travel where you need to take little from your wallet with you (such as ID).

      If you would like a wallet, there are wallets made by the same producer that has the "Genesis of Beast" logo on it and also in white, Media Asia has other Beast wallets, there are also lots of other Beast wallets out there if you look online ^^


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