Thursday, January 26, 2012

Purchase 이럴 줄 알았어 "I Knew It" Digital Single

Beast's Digital Single "I Knew It" has hit the online music stores! It sounds so beautiful, their voices are so perfect, the song is so perfect, they are so perfect.

It's been so long since they released a track as a group that wasn't part of an OST oh gosh listening to this forever more ;A;

Please support Beast by buying the tracks instead of downloading, though I know most of you guys will be downloading free, but there's no harm in me saying it.

Here are some links to buy it from! I had some trouble with buying it from MNet just now so bought from Bugs this time around!


  1. Does anyone know of a website I can buy it from that's in English?

    1. Umm apparently iTunes has KPop songs? I don't know since I don't use iTunes but yeah :S


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