Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Media Asia Parramatta opening tomorrow

Okay so I'm a little late with blogging about this. To be honest I've known about this since October/November 2011 ahah! Gary told me but said not to tell anyone and then they started promoting it the past week or so?

The grand opening is tomorrow and it will be from 10am to 8pm. They will be having grand opening and Chinese New Year sales, all items should be 10% off and if you spend $20 or more in one transaction, you will be entered to the prize draw where prizes include, Season's Greeting packs, giant banners, official diaries and calendars and possibly also autographed posters.

However it isn't in Parramatta Westfields, the address of the store is 186 Church St, and it's next to Morning Glory. Here's a map in case you get lost! It's pretty easy to get to! ^^

It'd be pretty awesome to see people there! Please support Media Asia and KPop artists by buying from the store, albums bought count towards the Hanteo charts! ^^



  1. How long did it take you to get there?

    1. From where? From the station? It's like a 5 minute walk?

  2. Hi, um this may be a bit late and all, but how long does the walk take from Parramatta Westfield to the shop take? Also, what time does the store open and close?

    1. This would have been helpful if you didn't post on Anon, so I hope you get this message :S

      It's about like less than 5 minutes? There are lots of other stores there too, and there's a giant blue sign for it. I believe it's open 10am - 7pm? Maybe 8pm? Not too sure. It changes depending on the days of the week ><


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