Sunday, January 15, 2012

So much Beast x_____x

Today I was cleaning my room, like moving bed and tables to vacuum and everything. I decided to get a box to store all my KPop things (KPop = Beast and Infinite only really LOL) so there would be space on my bookshelf for you know, books. LOL!

I thought the box was pretty big and there would've been heaps of space for all my things, but I didn't even manage to get half my Beast things in and it already looked crammed, so I tried to play Tetris with everything and there still wasn't gonna be enough room. The only Infinite thing in that picture up there is the Season's Greeting box at the bottom there, everything else was Beast LOL OTL

I never knew how much Beast stuff I had until then. I mean I knew I had a lot but jeez.

So I took all my Beast stuff out and put them back on the shelf messily and just put Infinite things inside the box, and Infinite filled up about half the box and I don't really have much Infinite things compared to Beast at all, so now I'm guessing I probably suck at choosing box sizes and it was actually just a small box? But it looks pretty big to me and it's just sitting in my room taking up precious space LOL OTL

Spent 6-7 hours today cleaning this room, still need to clean my other room oh gosh lol x___x

I still need to post about the 2012 Season's Greetings pack, I'm so sorry DX

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