Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Welcome Back to BEAST AIRLINE Mug

Hmm I wanted to post the calendar first but it's difficult getting nice pictures of it right now so I opted for doing this first.

This is the mug that was like $55 or something oh god LOL just thinking about how much money I spent on this thing makes me feel shit about it ahaha but it's Beast so it can't be helped right? :P

 It came in a very nice packaging and I don't want to throw the box away rOfl it's a little damaged from keeping it in my draw but yeah I love it LOL!

It also came with the B2UTY points thing like all the other official merchandise. But I've already stuck all my points into the passport so I can't remember which this one was anymore.

Oh that reminds me, I haven't posted up the passport yet either have I? Ack I'm so behind on things I'm sorry ;~~~;

I don't know whose lips those are, but I'm gonna tell myself it's a Beast member's ahahah but it doesn't look like Yoseob's though rOfl~

This side has the autographs of the boys hehe I don't know which side I like better. But since I'm right-handed, I hold mugs this way anyways so yeah~

But to be honest, I haven't drank from this yet. I don't know, when I bought it I was so excited to be using it but when it arrived, it was too precious to use.

Yeah I know, I just spent $55 on a mug and haven't used it OMG I'm so horrible LOL ;A;

But I already have a coffee mug at home and stuff LOL ugh okay I'll use this mug soon okay rOfl typing it up makes me feel so bad. I wasted money on this but I love it LOL OTL

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