Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beast won Best Dance Performance (Male Group) at MAMA 2011

Okay so this post is a little very much so late, sorry about that.

So Beast was nominated for a few awards this year but only made it into the Top 5 for Best Song, Best Dance and Best Album, as far as I remember. I think 2NE1 won the Best Song and Best Album one? Oh I think they were in Best MV as well, maybe, but Big Bang's Love Song won that one. Man I should've blogged this before LOL by now I've forgotten.

But Best Dance Performance for male group went to Beast's Fiction yay! Congrats to our precious boys!

I'm keeping this post short mainly because I've forgotten everything by now sorry OTL

For those that haven't watched MAMA yet, you totally should. Not just the Beast performance but others too because they were pretty awesome haha unlike the MelOn awards which was quite boring. Also Beast were very cute in the crowd xD

Here's Yoseob's TwitPic of the trophy~

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