Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trouble Maker MV released

Okay so I'm many hours late on this sorry!

So everyone already knew about the unit consisting of Beast's Hyunseung and 4minute's Hyuna. For most of the teaser was very sexy and the whole concept was all sexy. Which was funny when yesterday we got a picture of a cute image haha I was just thinking "how do they expect us to think anything cute of this image now?"

I have to admit that this song took me a few listens to get fully into, but I quite like it. The whistling is great and it really makes it for the song. Also I don't know if it's just me but both Hyunseung and Hyuna sound different than they usually do when they sing. Not a bad thing!

Also it's so different seeing Hyunseung like this in the MV, being all sexy and stuff. God he's so great.

Here's the MV if you haven't watched it yet. Please watch it from the official channel so that they see the views! ^^

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