Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CUBE bracelet

I bought this bracelet a while ago from a tumblr site that I can't remember anymore, but if I remember I will edit this with it. I really like the simplicity of this bracelet and I'm always wearing it ^^

Hi guys sorry for not updating! Ah I really don't have an excuse other than me being lazy since I'm on break. I need to get around to posting all my other crap really soon! I've lost track of things I need to post tbqh.

Also a big get well soon to our Dongwoon who tweeted earlier tonight that he was going to hospital ): hope you're doing okay and that it's nothing serious ):

This was blogged from Blogger app for Android as experiment. That also means this picture was taken with my phone sorry! But if it goes well then I cam blog on the go while I'm out keke.

Expect more updates soon! Promise!

EDIT: Okay yeah I'm not really liking how this works when you blog from the app, so I will be keeping it to a minimal. I'd much prefer to wait until I get home and blog from the computer.

Also if you wanna have a look at the other KPop bracelets I bought a few months ago, but this seller is not the same as the one in that post so you won't find this one in their store.


  1. Can i know in which website u find all those b2st stuff n merchandise???

    1. This reply was already sent on Dec 9 before the Blogger Reply option was available, so in case you haven't seen it:
      Please check the FAQ thanks ^^


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