Saturday, August 24, 2013

Midnight Sun album (Gold version)

First off, I'm sorry for not blogging last night! I was sick in bed after I got home ): My boyfriend was sick and it was windy the whole day while we went cherry blossom viewing. So yeah, I didn't feel too good and had to do paperwork before bed.

But this post is gonna be short! It's the gold version of Beast's Midnight Sun! This album is only sold at the CUBE cafe as far as I know? Of course, you can get it online like anything else, a little pricier though. However, I wouldn't know how much it costs because I got it as a birthday present last year from my friends (:

As you can see from the picture up the top, my album has gotten damaged since I got it.

Basically, if you look at my shrine then you can see that I have the album standing up. Over time, the mask fell and I didn't notice it to put it back up. So the glue was stuck to the album where it shouldn't be.

While trying to pull it off, it pulled a layer of the album and a puffy looking thing appears. Just before I took the picture, it happened again so yeah the one at the bottom there is the new one OTL

I recommend that you have it lying flat if you buy this or the original one. The mask will slip ><

The album is pretty much the same as the original Midnight Sun album except it's all gold. The photocards and the jacket shoot photos are the same, the disc is also the same.

But for some reason, the jewellery that dangles from the mask looks a lot better in gold. I really love how everything looks in this album really. Which is odd because I don't really prefer gold jewellery when it comes to something that I wear.

I tried to take a nice picture of the mask but it reflected too much and you could see my phone in the background. I didn't want to go further and zoom in a lot like what I did with the Hard to Love, How to Love album because the picture looks bad that you might as well now have it S:

TADAH!!!! This was the photocard that I got with the album TEEHEE!!! My collection of Beast Midnight Sun photocards completed!! How perfect is Yoseob in this photocard ARRGGGHHHH he is just so god damn perfect! And I loved that it was Yoseob that I got for my birthday!!

A huge big thank you to my lovely friends, Sandra, Sarah, Wendy and Grace, for getting me this album, it made me really happy opening it!! (: I love you girls! And we really need to catch up soon while we are completely stressed over uni xD

So this is the first post out of my birthday presents from last year, expect the next few posts to be birthday presents too~ I had quite a little Beastfinite shower last year xDDD

Another reminder to get your hands on tickets to the 4minute Party Rock concert while you still can! And Media Asia is selling the official light stick too! Get $5 off when you show your ticket when you purchase the light stick ^-^

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