Friday, August 2, 2013

Midnight Sun album

Okay first off, I am so sorry about how late this is LOL like really, this album came out on July 2012 so I am over a year late! But I really wanted to post about this because I am still planning to have the giveaway - well, a new giveaway but I still want this album to be part of it! So yeah, enjoy reading what you probably already know about the album xDD

Before I start, I apologise that I didn't get this post up earlier. I actually wanted the post up earlier but my plan for the day ended up taking the whole day - I didn't even eat lunch! But I finished dinner and first thing I did was take pictures to start this post! I wanted to take pictures in the daytime because of better lighting but of course, I couldn't.

I was going to take the pictures when I took the pictures for Tuesday's post - The Special Selection of BEAST International Edition photobook but that post took longer than I thought so I had to go to work after typing it up. I only managed to take one picture of the Midnight Sun albums that day ><

So this album had like seriously the greatest jacket shoot ever because how fucking perfect was Yoseob? As per usual.

LOL no but really everyone was perfect and it had been such a long wait back then and ARGGGHHHHH I still remember my feels from back then like jfc xD

Here's a shot of the first page because Doojoon and Hyunseung are perfect - like the others. LOL I just didn't want to be predictable and have a Yoseob preview. Did I screw you over? Did I? Did I? xDD

But this album is just beautifully designed. Aside from the fact that it comes in this tacky plastic box thing - but I guess it's just so the mask doesn't fall off. The mask is stuck onto the front cover with hot glue, for this reason, it's actually going to vary whether or not your album has the mask stuck straight. Gary (from Media Asia Parramatta) let me look through the boxes of the albums and let me choose the ones that looked nice xDD But that doesn't meant that the mask won't move later one. The one in the picture is one that had started dropping while I had it stand on the shrine and yeah, you can also see that there is like felt material that holds the chains that dangle from the mask, which is also stuck on with hot glue. The bottom of the mask usually covers the material. Usually, if the mask comes off or moves, you can just push it back to where it was originally if the glue is still there.

Sorry I was just so in love with the disc. It looks like the rainbow is just there because it is metal reflecting light, but it isn't. The colours are actually there on the disc and it's just so pretty to look at. I don't know. I just really loved the disc and wanted to show it to you guys. The left cover has the jacket photos and it's attached to the cover like many of Beast's other albums. The photocard is usually on the first cover but there are times where it's in other pages, but its okay because you just fan the book and you'll find the card - it's pretty much like a bookmark placed in there.

Anyways, this album was Beast's first Korean album with photocards. Those who know me know that I'm absolutely crazy when it comes to photocards, so it was no surprise when I bought 6 copies of the album LOL and it was from Gary again, who knows me and photocards for years ago ROFL!

And OMG out of the six albums I bought, I got all the members' photocard except my precious Yoseob!! I got two Dongwoon cards though! xD (Guess which one will be in the giveway lol)

Some of the albums also come with a cashbee card - it's a card used in Korea for shopping points. I got it with Kikwang, Hyunseung and one of the Dongwoon cards. And for the giveaway, I'll definitely include one of the cashbee cards too ^-^ What am I gonna do with three of them, right? xD

Okay so this entire post, I have been raving on about how beautiful everything looked, from the design to the jacket photos, but I have got to say that the poster is way down there with the Shock of the New Era poster for me. Instead of making the poster out of the awesome part of the jacket photos with the graffiti background, they chose the other part where they're in these weird suits which may be the ugliest suits I've ever seen. Being a little harsh? How about this, I bet you guys think that they're just in plain suits and it's all effects. Think again. Those are the actual suits. They are horrible and I hope CUBE didn't spend too much money on them.

Well that's it for this post! Again, apologies for the somewhat lateness, but hey, at least it's still on Friday :D So I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and look forward to having the album in the giveaway.

Are you guys still interested in the giveaway, by the way? Let me know in the comments so that I know I should still hold it. The giveaway will also include a copy of Hard to Love, How to Love too of course!


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    1. Ahah, thank you for showing your interest ^-^ Hopefully more people do too so I can hold it! :D


    1. Lucky you! Yoseob is pretty damn perfect hahaha xDD


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