Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Special Selection of BEAST International Edition photobook

Okay so this is a much delayed post. But I didn't want to take it off the list of things to blog because this photobook is really awesome. This is the International Edition, it was released March 2012.

It comes with a photobook, DVD and stickers. The photobook is what adds so much weight. It's 50 thousand pages of pure perfection xDD Of course, I can't take a picture of the entire book for you, but I took a picture of like one or two pages from every section. The other part is the DVD and stickers which is very thin (as seen in picture) just enough to protect the disk and stickers.

I realised after taking the pictures that I was kinda biased when choosing which pictures to take even though I was trying not to be )': Sorry about that! T____T

So yeah, this post is just gonna show a few pictures of Yoseob, other members too, but a few Yoseob ones LOL. This post about the photobook is not as detailed as my usual ones because it's just really tiring figuring out how to set it all up. Anyways, more on that later.

The stickers are really awesome - so awesome that I can't bare to use them xDD I mean I love stickers but these are just so pretty. They're just from the same photoshoot as the photobook.

There are two group picture stickersand then individual member ones. Each member gets their own slab, not really in any order I don't think? I haven't reordered it in my picture at all.

The sticker sheets are about the size of a normal 6" × 4" photo - but then again, I haven't actually measured it, it just looks like it? xDD

Now for the precious awesome super fantastic photobook. Basically, the photobook is broken up into five sections. They had their own little title section thing, it's just a double spread of black pages with write text in the centre - the left saying "The 1st selection" and the right saying "Reverse yourself". That's basically how it went for all of the section titles. And after each section had a different type of photo which was somehow relevant to the title.

So yeah, I just took a couple of pictures I liked from each section - well, I liked them all because the boys are so perfect, but the super awesome ones.

the 1st selection - reverse yourself

So this first part, I think is meant to show childhood. Like reversing back time and going back to how they were as kids. The pictures had very casual youthful looks and feels. Like Doojoon on a rocking-horse for example xDDD

the 2nd selection - upgrade the dignity

This section had a really classy feel to it, I don't think they used the term "dignity" correctly when naming this section but then again, my vocabulary isn't that great. But it's just really classy and they're all dressed up, like rich ass first-class dining people. There are even pictures where there's like a shelf of wine (?) behind them and stuff.

But O M G this section was the best section ARGGHHHHH. Like, all the Yoseob pictures were so B E Y O N D P E R F E C T like I can't even #)%N#)(%UTVN#( I AM UNABLE TO CAN.

How is he so perfect? Someone please enlighten me to this answer while I sit in the corner holding myself.

the 3rd selection - yours

So umm, for some reason this section didn't have a group picture, the first page after you turn from the title thing is this. AND GUYS. GUYS. G U Y S. LOOK AT YOSEOB. UGH. HOW. HOW IS HE SO PERFECT. HE'S LIKE THE PERFECT LITTLE BUNDLE OF #)%BN#)%(*#GYVN()%UM ARGGHHHHH

Yeah okay, need to maintain myself. LOL! Basically, this section is just full of very casual shoots, like I guess how they'd look if they took you out on a fun date to the amusement park or something like that? Very simple and full of perfection. In case you couldn't tell, Yoseob is quite perfect in this section too xDDD

the 4th selection - moment by moment

This section is kind of semi-casual. It has them in like simple suits and stuff at a bar (?). They're kinda dressed up but not too overly dressed. Something to take you to a nice dinner. Not really sure what they meant by the title though, but yeah~ xD

The clear winner for this section was Doojoon for me. He was just out of this world. Yoseob had his bowl hair cut and this full straight fringe thing and it didn't look that great imo LOL.

But Doojoon was just his handsome self but even more. I swear, Doojoon is the most perfect being on the planet to me, and he somehow creates new levels of perfection that I never knew existed all the god damn time - and this was one of them.

the 5th selection - pure and simple

This section is just as it's called. It's just another very casual photoshoot, showing their purity and simplicity. It's got a very at-home feel because they're on the couch and other things you'd see around the house. Guess it's how they'd spend a simple day at home ^-^

They're all perfect of course but my favourites in this section were definitely Kikwang and Doojoon. But since I took Doojoon's page for the previous section, here's one of Kikwang's many perfect pages in the 5th selection!

So for this photobook, basically you'd get two posters - or at least, I did. The one you see at the top of this paragraph is a usually big landscape-oriented poster size that you would get with any album or photobook (note: I only collect Beastfinite things so my knowledge on album poster size is limited). If Inspirit what the compare, the black part you see on the right is the Infinite "The Mission" showcase poster and you can see it's the same in height.

The second poster that you see to the right is smaller, I don't really know how to explain the poster size in words though ): But basically when I bought it, the poster laid in the middle of the large on above and was rolled inside. But it's a lot smaller. For reference, the poster on the left is the one you get with Yoseob's The First Collage album - very different in height.

As you can see, my posters have already been put up because these were a while ago. Also, the wall is a different colour because these posters are up in a different room to my other posters that I've posted on the site. I'm sure that anyone would figure out that I ran out of wall space because of all the Beastfinite and even anime things on the wall, so after cleaning my other room early this year and giving it a make over, I found time to put up some overdue posters. But now I have many most posters that need to go up and I can't find spaceeee noooo xDDDD

And no. Don't say it. I won't stop buying posters. I love posters! xDD

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! It might all be information and pictures you've already seen but well, I just wanted to share because this was by far one of my favourite things released. It is on the expensive end, but completely worth it!

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